Our company combines variety of products from our suppliers under one roof, in this we have wide range of fillers, meso therapy, anti aging products, laser machines and much more.


​​IBSA 's experience and competence in the pharmaceutical field have also been applied to the development of hyaluronic acid-based medical devices in orthopedic and respiratory areasas well as in dermatology and skin healthcare. 

Tulip Hifu machine, GTG wellness Co, South Korea

GTG Wellness is a leading company of state-of-the-art medical equipment, aesthetic machines, aesthetic lasers, skincare products. GTG Wellness is dedicated to developing the reputable products with advanced technology. The very famous Tulip hifu machine is gaining huge response in Kuwait's market.

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EUROMI SA, Belgium

Euromi is a Belgian company specialised in the manufacturing and the distribution of medical, dermatological and plastic surgery products. We have the latest Euromi Eva Sp6 liposuction machine and the disposable kits, and the compression garments for post liposuction procedures.


We are the sole distributors of the above brands in Kuwait as well as in Egypt


Mesotech is specialized in manufacturing aesthetic and skin care solutions for beauty and medical institutes. Mesotech presents cocktails ready to use for the treatments of: Cellulite, facial anti-aging, strechmarks, iperpigmentations, breast’s increase and many others indications.


Advance technology that provides innovative solutions for body, and hairs. Revofil body fillers, and Dr.CYJ hair fillers are the latest development and introduction for the very first time in Kuwait. We are the sole distributors for this advance fillers.